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Hi, my name is Martine Lesponne. I am a French Senior international Business Development Professionnal graduated in Digital Management in January 2020 with ESSCA International Business School in Paris, within the « HP sponsor » promotion, thanks to « top of the art » digital specialists.

I have acquired skills in digital innovation strategies, methods and tools, design thinking, UX Design, website design and development, social media strategies and advertising, webmarketing strategies adapted to big and small companies as well as chatbot script design expertise.

With a 30-year career in diverse sectors, mainly in the food industry and tech sectors, I also led business services activities in order to attract European companies to Asia and Singapore. The past two years, I worked in sharing economy as a Digital Project Manager on an international B2B platform project and as a carsharing start-up community manager in Italy.

In May 2019, I went to San Francisco and Silicon Valley for a one-week learning expedition. Since that inspiring time, I keep in mind this Entrepreneurship Spirit. This state of mind drives Numipro, and then, the first French digital collaborative platform in helpdesk and user support. We aim to offer services to companies that would like to « digitalize » a little more, but do not really know how, without losing out. The main thing is to dare jumping on the digital wave.

Looking forward to chat with you very soon.