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Build your website for French markets

build your French website

Benefit from our digital design services fully adapted to French markets. I use user-centered solutions to help you design a winning web presence, close to your customers’ concerns.

Digital strategy

Your digital strategy explained through a convincing Business Model, offering solutions with a high value proposal perfectly sized to your customer needs drives more Return On Investment. We use Business Model Canvas frame in order to focus on the most important.

Design Thinking

Successful digital companies started their business with solutions solving their main client painpoints. Born in the US in the 80s, Design Thinking methods have proven their efficiency to build growing digital businesses. User and stakeholder interviews and co-conception are key. I use UX Design sharable tools for enriched interactions with you and potential users.

Web content

Thinking as an Internet user, completed with SEO strategy, SEO technics and SEO writing, are at the heart of a successful web content. Results are clear and comprehensive, easy-to-navigate web sites or web applications with efficient keywords, web pages and graphic design.